Bow sights have come a long way; first bow sights were hard to adopt as they were difficult to adjust, bending and was easily knocked out of alignment. Today, due to technology, we see that bow sights do not have these issues. If you are planning on having a career in archery, a bow sight is something you have to have to help you better your skills. Some of the best bow sights available in 2019 are:

Apex Gear covert pro

Apex brings the best sight reticles in the market. Today the reticle sights are much better when you compare it to pin sight. The Apex reticle sights allow the dots to illuminate and has an easy adjustment. Although Apex sights are costly, a best bow sight is an investment when you look at the pros.

HHA Optimizer Lite

HHA Optimizer lite is a vertical pin sight which gives you the ability to adjust easily. This pin has an easy illuminated dot which can be visible even in low lit areas. It is easily adjustable to various ranges according to the range of windage. The body of the bow sight is in itself durable, but it is somewhat heavy on the bow.

Field Logic IQ Micro

Field logic has made some of the best traditional pins in the market and has set a high standard to what the pins can be. The pins from Field logic is easy to adjust and illuminates with a retina lock technology which helps you identify the perfect target. Although the set up is complicated, once they are set up, the accuracy is unmatched.

Truglo Range Rover pro 2 dot

Truglo generally makes sights for pistols and rifle, but when they ventured into the world of archery, they came in with a trusted name and products. The bow sights from truglo offer adjustability and the trouble which occurs during the fine-tuning is drastically cut. It is easy to mount and setup, but it will give you a dead-on sight.

Trophy Ridge pursuit

Trophy offers the bow sight in much more affordable pricing. It offers a single pin, easy to adjust and a hi-viz verticle pin. The initial set up is a bit difficult, but once you have it set the target seems to be in sight. The bow sights trophy produces and simple with no extra frills.

Trophy ridge volt 5 pin

This bow sight is one of the best pins available for the budget it is being offered. It is not the easiest to set up nut the price makes up for it. It has a two-tone fiber optic sight which will ensure that you hit the target even in lower lights. Also, it has a reversible feature which can ensure that it is easy for both left and right-handed people to operate.


Things to know before buying night vision goggles:

Apart from having great military importance and relevance, night vision goggles are now an essential part of nightlife – excursions; expeditions in pitch darkness are incomplete without night vision goggles in the kit! So if you’re a night owl too, you need to own a pair of night vision goggles right away! And to buy one, here’s a guide which includes the essential factors you need to consider if you want to buy the best night vision binoculars.

  1. Resolution:

    The resolution of your night vision goggles determines the quality of images you see through them. It’s always best to choose a pair with the highest resolution, as image quality and visibility are highly dependent on it – especially when too, is perfect goggles with high resolution.

  2. Battery:

    How long can your night visions it comes to vision in the dark, you cannot afford to compromise on both of the mentioned factors. The image intensifier of your night vision goggles

  3. goggles survive?

    You will be out there in the wild with no source to recharge the batteries, will your goggles be able to sustain themselves until then? You have to ensure that your night vision glares have replaceable batteries which you can quickly switch to in case of emergencies or elongated stays due to some unexpected reasons. While alkaline batteries are cheaper and easily available, the lithium batteries have a longer lifespan and expensive too.

  4. Sustenance to weather:

    You won’t know how much time you may have to stay in the dark and in what weather conditions. It’s always better to invest in night vision goggles, which are weatherproof and can sustain even when put under extreme weather conditions. So here’s what you have to do – look out for the WP – waterproof tag on your goggles – and only then go ahead to buy them.

  5. Weight and ease of use:

    The weight of your goggles matter a lot – you will be lugging around with them on your head, so it’s preferable if you invest in a model that’s light in weight and easy to carry. Also, check if the goggles are equipped enough that they can be mounted on your headgear with ease. So all you have to do basically is check the accessibility and usability of the glares before buying them.

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