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About Valentine Land & Timber


Valentine Land and Timber, LLC is a full service land brokerage and land management firm specializing in finding you the property of your dreams and also transforming it into a model for successful wildlife management.  Valentine Land and Timber’s staff has the expertise to match your needs with the property, providing you as the landowner with both a return on your investment and a means of making your hunting and fishing dreams come true.  


With time tested methods in preserving and developing new habitat and purchasing quailty locations, Valentine Land and Timber insures that our clients will not only benefit from their investments with our company, but will also be contributing to the preservation and conservation of our precious wildlife resources. Utilizing existing programs that provide landowner incentives and the latest in technological advances, Valentine Land and Timber is on the forefront of land management by incorporating often-under-utilized techniques in North Carolina. Our goal at Valentine Land and Timber is to pass on the wildlife management techniques that we have developed over the years to others sharing our vision so that our precious wildlife resources may be enjoyed for many generations to come.  We look forward to working with you to make this happen.

The Valentine Land and Timber Team

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