Why Outdoor Kennels Are Great for Hunting Dogs?

The hunting dogs are considered to be the best companion of the hunters as they help them at every step of the way when they go out for hunting. These dogs point out the areas where an animal is hidden and they are also trained enough to keep other animals away from the hunter. In simple words, the presence of hunting dogs makes the hunter feel very comfortable and the hunter can easily focus on an animal he is going to shoot.

Therefore, the hunters provide proper training to the dogs so that they may help them during the hunting tours. The major drawback with hunting dogs is that they are trained enough to attack others if they feel that the other person or animal is going to attack them. Therefore, you can’t leave the open like other pets. And tying them with a rope isn’t considered to be an ideal way of controlling them.

There are many cases where hunting dogs cut off the rope and attacked humans that were passing by. And even the owners of those dogs couldn’t control them in this situation. So, it can be the very critical situation for you and it can put you into a lot of trouble. Therefore, the experts always recommend keeping them in the outdoor dog kennels so that they do not harm anyone around them.

Thus, the people would also feel very comfortable when they are passing by the dog. Here is the information about why outdoor kennels are great for hunting dogs.

Keep them under control

The owners of hunting dogs always claim that they face a lot of trouble when trying to control their dogs. So, if they start using the outdoor kennels to control their dog, they won’t have to make any kind of struggle and they would also feel free from keeping an eye on the dog. The outdoor kennels are strong enough to keep your dogs under control. And the dogs can’t break the bars of outdoor kennels even if they make a lot of effort.

The dogs would feel free

The hunting dogs become very aggressive if they can’t find enough space to play around. The outdoor kennels are usually large in size and the dogs can easily run in the kennels. The height of the kennels is also very impressive and it allows the dogs to jump up high and have some fun. The dogs can even see the people moving around them and it also makes them feel happy.

Home security

Your home’s security is also an important element. The hunting dogs keep an eye on everyone that comes to visit you. If they see someone strange trying to get into your home, they’d start barking and it will work as a quick warning for you. And the stranger would also run away. Click here and find more information about why outdoor kennels are great for hunting dogs.…

Buying Land for Hunting – Good or Bad Decision?

The hunting is a great sport that decent people love playing in their spare time. But there are some hunters that have badly injured the reputation of this sport. There are some important rules and regulations you should follow when you are on a hunting tour. But some people do not think about rules and they start hunting the animals without knowing their worth. In simple words, the use of some new tools and weapons has ruined the overall reputation of this sport.

In some cases, some people killed the endangered species of the animals when they were on a hunting tour. And they had to pay a lot of fine for committing such a mistake. But that fine won’t help in bringing that animal back to this world. Therefore, some countries are looking to ban this sport in some specific areas so that the beginner hunters may not cause any harm to the endangered species of the animals in those areas.

There are some hunters that have purchased a piece of land for this purpose so that they may enjoy this sport without any kind of interference. Some of the hunters believe that it is a step they can take if they want to continue enjoying this sport. But there are some others that believe that it is a foolish act and it would cause some trouble for the hunters that cannot afford to buy a piece of land.

Both the parties have a valid opinion but we would see from a professional hunter’s point of view that whether it is good to buy a land for hunting or not. So, here is the information about whether you should buy a land for hunting or not.

Increased responsibilities

When you purchase a land for hunting, you are supposed to take care of that piece of land so that the intruders may not get therein. Similarly, you are supposed to provide a perfect treatment to the animals where they may feel very happy. And you should only bring those animals to this piece of land that do not belong to the endangered species of the animals otherwise, you’d suffer a lot. Similarly, you should purchase the piece of land from a reliable platform like mykonosestates.com so that you may stay safe from the legal issues.

Having fun

There is no doubt that when you purchase a land for hunting, you can have a lot of fun there. You can either bring your kids with you or you can ask your friends to come with you so that you may enjoy a great weekend in that piece of land.

No rules and regulations

If you have purchased a land for hunting, you won’t have to follow any kind of rules and regulations. However, it is important that you should purchase the piece of land in an area where hunting is allowed by the higher authorities.…

5 Tips if you plan on buying hunting property

The hunters have an attitude where they like to do everything freely without having to worry about any kind of rules and regulations. Therefore, they get tired of hunting on someone else’s property or on the public land because there are always some rules and regulations that everybody is supposed to follow.

Most of the times the hunters want to hunt a property in their own style but they can’t do it just because of the rules and regulations that are implied by the property owner.

In this situation, the hunters always want to buy a hunting property of their own where they can easily hunt in their own style. Buying a hunting property is a difficult task as you need to focus on many important things. Here are some important tips from property management Sacramento experts that can help in buying a hunting property.


This is a very simple point. You cannot purchase a land in the hustle and bustle of the city. You need to find a place that is far away from the city. But make sure that you buy the property in a place where you can easily reach without wasting a lot of time. The traveling expenses should also be included in the purchase costs. Make sure that you buy a property in a location where a hotel or motel is available so that you may stay there in case of an emergency.

Land layout

When it comes to talking about the traffic pattern, you must make sure that the traffic pattern of the humans does not affect the traffic pattern of the deer. You must make all the arrangement in a way that the deer may easily move from one place to another.


The food and water are extremely important for the survival of deer. You must carefully take a look at the trees that are available in the property. This will help you make sure that whether the deer would easily be able to survive there or not. You must also make sure that the water can easily be supplied to the land without any trouble.


Tall grasses, heavy brush, and thick swamps can work as a cover for the deer during the daytime. You can use small trees to create a cover for the deer if there is a lack of bushes. If you have found a location where tall grass or swamp is available, then you must go for it because deer like to lie down in such kind of environment.

Neighboring Property

You must get yourself acknowledged about the neighboring properties. You must find out information about the activities that other hunters perform on the neighboring properties. This will help you find the best property for the hunting purpose. Click Here and see some information about the things that you need to look for when buying a hunting property.…

Time To Buy Land is Now!

This recession is over and we at Valentine land and timber are are seeing land sales spike up! The last three years have been very interesting in the land business.  Recreational timber land sales have slowed ,no banks are lending money on raw land. Good credit,what’s that?  Who has any!  But we here at Valentine land and timber have been able ride it out and we are seeing a great chance to get a good on deal on great recreational tracts. What do I mean? 87 acres for $87000k, 125 acres for $130000k,145 acres with river frontage $370000k! This is great for serious buyers seeking to take advantage of the owners need to sell. This could be bank owned property, on the verge of foreclosure, or just someone that missed the market with to high of prices in 2006-2008. We say here, “make and an offer”!  Find out more by checking out Sarah Williams Guide to Ranch land for sale in Liberty Hill, Tx.  This and more brought to you by the Sarah Williams Real Estate Team.

What is this doing to timber prices?  Pulpwood is constant for once at $9.00 a/ton  to $ 13.00/ton.  The sawlog market has moved up ward because there is a need for denominational lumber sales, to increase. The hardwood market is holding steading for grade hardwood and cypress, thanks to the export markets to Europe.  This is a great time for you the land owner to work on getting your house in order,( forest investment house) you need to take to forestry consultant about clear cutting poor site index sites, IE: sand hill sites, 45 to 60 site index’s clear cut and chip it clean, get about $25.00 an acre for cutting it. This is a new market that has opens up and bringing $2.00 to as much as $10.00 for hardwood pulpwood. Then re plant it in long leaf pines, or if you have land that the family didn’t replant say 10 or 15 years ago. Now is a great time to work on those lands to increase there value, buy planting 3 generate lob lolly or cell clone trees and plant thick for a 15 year rotation.  Learn a little more about picking real estate opportunities and ranch land by clicking here.

Now we have come full circle to what I started saying here, when land value for raw cut over or just plain  wood land gets down to the $500 to $1200 per acre.  You the new investor needs to buy what you budget can afford 20 to 150 acres.   You can increase your land values by setting your land apart by working to make it better by sound forest management practices. We have seen this increase land values by a minimum amount of $250 per acre, to as much as $500 per acre when planted,sprayed,and or thinned properly. So in short get a plain and call us at Valentine land and timber and we will help you make the most of your land or find that right tract for you to buy cheap and begin this great journey in the land investment game of life. Find out more about hunting land in Texas by visiting SarahWilliamsSells.com Hunting Land Guide.

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Hunting Guide Services

Hunting Guide Services

Valentine Land and Timber’s Guide Service has over 5050 acres of land currently under active wildlife management. We have separated ourselves from other guide services in that we have strived to provide our hunters with some of the most unique and intensely managed hunting tracts in the Eastern United States.

Point of Neuse Plantation

2050 Acres  Tick Bite  Lenoir County, NC

Our first tract, Point of Neuse Plantation, consists of over 2000 acres of bottomland hardwood forest, upland pine plantation, and foods plots uniquely located on a peninsula surrounded by river on 3 sides.  Located in Lenoir County, Contentnea Creek, a major tributary of the Neuse River, borders the tract along the north side and the Neuse River itself comprises the southern border of the property.  The tip of the peninsula, or “point of Neuse” is the confluence of Contentnea Creek and the Neuse River.  This tract has been intensively managed for wildlife for over 20 years and includes over 800 acres of upland habitat, much of it consists of food plots. We have numerous permanent tower stands, semi-permanent stands, and mobile stands to keep you in the meat.  Our deer herd is outstanding and numerous big bucks abound,but this tract has also been managed especially for upland bird habitat.  The quail, dove, and wild turkey populations are abundantly healthy.

Guest quarters include a 2400 square foot lodge surrounded by duck impoundments, equipped as if it were your own home with heat, air conditioning, and full kitchen and bath facilities, outdoor grills, and game cleaning areas.  Linens are provided but we do not provide meals.  Any groceries and beverages need to be brought with you for your stay.

The cost of the hunting: Turkey hunts are $500 for all day one bird per man, Deer Hunts are $350 per person per day, Quail hunting is $250 per person per day and $100.00 per person for lodging.

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