About Valentine Land & Timber

Skip Valentine -President, Broker-in-Charge

Skip, an avid outdoorsman in his own right, shares his passion and is dedicated to furthering a vision of cultivating and preserving critical habitat for our nation’s wildlife. Skip has a degree in business management from North Carolina State University.  He has traveled all over the world chasing various big game species in destinations  from Africa to outer Mongolia.  He is an avid bird hunter, enjoying both upland bird and waterfowl hunting and the conservation of both.  A former pro-staff biologist for Tecomate Wildlife Systems, Skip has always been on the leading edge of wildlife management.  His knowledge, skill, experience, and passion are evident in his work. His greatest Legacy is now, two boys “Court” and “BO” that he takes with him on many of his showings and sales meetings into the country.

At the age of 18, Skip became a licensed real estate broker.  Since then, he has made over 2550 real estate transactions. Since 2003 Valentine Land and Timber has sold millions in recreational Real Estate in NC and VA. VLT can and will do everything it takes to help you by matching a buyer and or a seller needs to get the most from there property. Skip is also experienced in timber brokerage and management for both wildlife habitat and farming return on investment. When not spending time in the great outdoors hunting and fishing, Skip enjoys sharing his knowledge with young sportsman by putting on youth hunts as well as sponsoring various non profits that promote the sport of hunting.

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