Time to buy land is now!

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 This recession is over and we at Valentine land and timber are are seeing land sales spike up! The last three years have been very interesting in the land business.  Recreational timber land sales have slowed ,no banks are lending money on raw land. Good credit,what's that?  Who has any!  But we here at Valentine land and timber have been able ride it out and we are seeing a great chance to get a good on deal on great recreational tracts. What do I mean? 87 acres for $87000k, 125 acres for $130000k,145 acres with river frontage $370000k! This is great for serious buyers seeking to take advantage of the owners need to sell. This could be bank owned property, on the verge of foreclosure, or just someone that missed the market with to high of prices in 2006-2008. We say here, "make and an offer"!

 What is this doing to timber prices?  Pulpwood is constant for once at $9.00 a/ton  to $ 13.00/ton.  The sawlog market has moved up ward because there is a need for dementional lumber sales, to increase. The hardwood market is holding steading for grade hardwood and cypress, thanks to the export markets to Europe.  This is a great time for you the land owner to work on getting your house in order,( forest investment house) you need to take to forestry consultant about clear cuting poor site index sites, IE: sand hill sites, 45 to 60 site index's clear cut and chip it clean, get about $25.00 an acre for cutting it. This is a new market that has opend up and bringing $2.00 to as much as $10.00 for hardwood plupwood. Then re plant it in longleaf pines, or if you have land that the family didn't replant say 10 or 15 years ago. Now is a great time to work on those lands to increase there value, buy planting 3 generate loblolly or cell clone trees and plant thick for a 15 year rotation.

Now we have come full circle to what I started saying here, when land value for raw cutover or just plain  wood land gets down to the $500 to $1200 per acre.  You the new investor needs to buy what you budget can afford 20 to 150 acres.   You can increase your land values by setting your land apart by working to make it better by sound forest management practices. We have seen this increase land values by a mininum amount of $250 per acre, to as much as $500 per acre when planted,sprayed,and or thinned properly. So in short get a plain and call us at Valentine land and timber and we will help you make the most of your land or find that right tract for you to buy cheap and begin this great journey in the land investment game of life.